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PHP Strings Function

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Here are some of the most used PHP functions to manipulate strings.

strlen() - This function return the Length of a String

Example 1:
echo strlen("Hello there, how are you!"); // outputs 25

explode (delimiter, string)

Explode function is used to break a string into multiple strings, very useful when working with files in the form of a database. Example using explode function:

Example 2:
<? Php
$string = 'I want to learn PHP';
$array = explode(' ', $string);
echo '<pre>' .print_r ($array, true). '</pre>'; // we use pre for a better display of the array
Output: Array
[0}=> I
[1}=> want
[2}=> to
[3}=> learn
[4}=> PHP

str_word_count() This function count words in a string

The PHP str_word_count() function counts the number of all words in a string.

Example 3:
echo str_word_count("Hello world! I want to learn PHP"); // outputs 7

str_replace() - Replace Text in a String

The PHP str_replace() function is one of the most used and replaces some characters with other characters in a string.

Example 4: Replace in text "world" with "Any":
echo str_replace("world", "Any", "Hello world! I want to learn PHP");
// outputs: Hello Any! I want to learn PHP

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PHP Data Types
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PHP Constants

PHP String Functions - php tutorial

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