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Constants does not need $ in front. But, as a convention of PHP programmers, constants are written in capital letters (A-Z) for easier observation.
The value of a constant can't be changed during the script.
A constant is declared using the define() function. The define() function has two arguments:
First, the name of the constant
Second, the value of the constant
In the following example you will see how a value is assigned to a constant and how we can call a constant

Note: Unlike variables, PHP constants are automatically global across the entire script.

define(name, value, case-insensitive)

Example 1: Create a PHP constant with a case-sensitive name:
define ("GREETING", "Welcome to AgerNic.com/!");

Constant with a case-insensitive name. How to create?

PHP constant with a case-insensitive name:

Example 2:
<? Php
define("GREETING", "Welcome to AgerNic.com/!", true);
echo greeting;
Output: Welcome to AgerNic.com/!

Constants are global.

PHP Constants are automatically global and can be used throughout the PHP script.

Example 3:
define ("GREETING", "Welcome to AgerNic.com/!");
function phpTest() {echo GREETING;

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