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With online code editor, you can edit HTML, CSS PHP and JavaScript code, and view the result in your browser.
Simple PHP editor that is easy to use and free of cost. You might like it interface and features that include Live running environment, support for popular PHP frameworks, code snippets, option to share the code.
Exemple PHP script:
$x =10;
$y =6;
echo $x + $y."<br />";
echo $x - $y."<br />";
echo $x * $y."<br />";
echo $x / $y."<br />";
echo $x % $y."<br />";
echo $x ** $y."<br />";
$x = 20;
$x += 100;
echo $x."<br /><br /><br />";
$x = 50;
$y = 50;
var_dump($x >= $y); // returns true because $x is greater than or equal to $y
// returns true because $x is greater than or equal to $y
PHP Functii String
PHP strrchr() Function

PHP md5() function

PHP similar_text() function

PHP str_repeat() function

PHP str_split() function

PHP strcmp() function

- strtolower()

- strpos()

- str_word_count()

- strlen()

- implode()

- explode()

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