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Free PHP Tutorials online.

In order to work with PHP and to practice all the examples in this course, you have to have access to a computer that has installed: a server (for example Apache), a PHP module and MYSQL.

You can install these applications on your own, separately, but then you will have to configure them so that they can work together, which can be more difficult for a beginner. That's why I recommend you install WAMP or Xampp, it is a free program that contains all these three applications (Apache, PHP and MySQL), directly configured.

The lessons in this PHP-MySQL course are aimed at both beginners and advanced web development and web programming.

This online PHP course starts with the simplest and most basic things about PHP programming: variables, operators, arrays (functions), functions, strings. More complex elements such as working with files, SQL commands, using MySQL databases, classes and OOP (object-oriented programming), XML, PDO are also addressed.

PHP Tutorials online for beginners and advanced with examples.

The most important features of the package are:
        - Simplicity: this language is simple to use, being accessible to non-programmers.

        - Easy to use: the language has a syntax similar to the C language, which is very popular among programmers. That's why programmers who are familiar with C or Perl will make the move to PHP very quickly. On the other hand, certain aspects such as: declaring and using variables is much simplified in PHP, as opposed to C ++ or other high level languages.

        - Efficiency: language specifications include the use of POO (Object Oriented Programming) techniques and this helps to increase productivity: a PHP programmer can use modules written by another programmer without having to know specific code implementation details.

        - Cross-platform: there are language implementations on several operating systems, the most popular being those on Linux and Windows systems. In this case, if we write PHP code running on a Linux system, then we can use this code on a server running Windows and vice versa.

        - Free: PHP is an Open Source program, anyone can use this language without having to pay anything. Users also have access to PHP sources (written in C language). The official website of the PHP language is at: www.php.net, due to the popularity of this language, there are numerous websites that present information on PHP, code examples, discussion forums, etc.

Example 1: My first PHP script

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css" />


echo "Here I have My first PHP script!";

Note: PHP 7 is the latest stable release.

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