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Learn PHP online from the basic to the advanced

PHP is now the most popular web programming language in the world.
More than 25 million Internet sites use this technology, according to data from the official site - PHP.net. The popularity of PHP is not only due to the fact that it is free but also because it is an extremely flexible and efficient language.

PHP can be used to create simple web site applications such as color and font control and to develop complex systems such as a logistics application, inventory control, finance and even a complete ERP.

In this course, you will learn how to install PHP and set up your desktop, how to manipulate variables, control structures, work with databases, all the knowledge you need to get started in this programming language.

1.1. What is PHP? What is PHP for?
1.2. Communication between the client and the server without PHP and with PHP.
1.3. Difference between static web pages and dynamic web pages.
1.4. What are the versions of PHP?
1.5. What do I need to write PHP code and create dynamic web pages?

php online Learn PHP online from the basic to the advanced - php tutorial

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3363. PHP Operators
Learn about PHP operators with this PHP tutorial.

1936. PHP if, else and elseif Statements, php tutorial
PHP if, else and elseif Statements php tutorial

3355. PHP Form Variables
Learn about PHP form variables with this PHP tutorial.

2604. PHP Variables, php tutorial
PHP Variables php tutorial

2595. The loop statement: for, do...while, foreach and we add break - continue statement in PHP, php tutorial
The loop statement: for, do...while, foreach and we add break - continue statement in PHP php tutorial

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PHP ucfirst() function

PHP empty() Function

PHP define() function

PHP str_repeat() function

PHP substr() function

PHP rtrim() function

PHP print() function

PHP html_entity_decode() function

PHP str_replace() function

PHP wordwrap() function

PHP htmlentities() function

PHP strstr() function

PHP similar_text() function

PHP count() Function

PHP isset() Function

PHP htmlspecialchars() function

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