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To create tables in web pages we use the element <table> ... </table>, it includes four other sub-elements, which make up the structure of the table.

- Line (row) of Table <tr> ... </tr>
- Table title <th> ... </th>
- Table cells (form columns) <td> ... </td>
- Subtitle of the table <caption> ... </caption>

The rows in the table contain the table headings and elements for the table columns.
The data / content in the table is added within <td> .
Within the elements <th> and <td> other HTML elements can be added, such as text formatting, paragraphs, links or images.

HTML Table - examples

Example 1 HTML Table:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Table</title>

<th> title 1 </th>
<th> title 2 </th>
<td>line 2- column 1</td>
<td>line 2- column 2</td>
<td>line 3- column 1</td>
<td>line 3- column 2</td>
<td>line 4- column 1</td>
<td>line 4- column 2</td>
Note: The <td> elements are the data containers of the table.

html table HTML Table - html tutorial

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