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HTML table

The HTML table allows to arrange all data on the page like, text, images, links, forms, etc. into rows and columns of cells.
The HTML tables are created using the <table> tag, <tr> tag is used to create table rows and <td> tag is used to create data cells. The elements under <td> are regular left aligned by default.

HTML table border, HTML table style, table width

An HTML table is defined with the <table> tag where we add style with: width, border color and more .
Example 1:
<table style="width:100%; border:#C30 thin solid; text-align:center">
Note: HTML image alt attribute. The value of the alt attribute from above example 1 should describe the image what it looks like.
The html cod above will display this HTML table result:
HTML table border, HTML table style, table width, text-align:center result.
Firstname LastnameAge
Jilly Ford55
Evea Sonjak48

HTML table Colspan and Rowspan Attributes

Yf you want to merge two or more columns into a single column you will use colspan attribute. If you want to merge two or more rows you will use rowspan.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Table Colspan/Rowspan</title>
<table border = "1">
<th>Column 1</th>
<th>Column 2</th>
<th>Column 3</th>
<td rowspan = "2">Row 1 Cell 1</td>
<td>Row 1 Cell 2</td>
<td>Row 1 Cell 3</td>
<td>Row 2 Cell 2</td>
<td>Row 2 Cell 3</td>
<td colspan = "3">Row 3 Cell 1</td>

This HTML code will produce the following result −
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Row 1 Cell 1 Row 1 Cell 2 Row 1 Cell 3
Row 2 Cell 2 Row 2 Cell 3
Row 3 Cell 1

HTML Table Height and Width

You can specify table width and tabele height in pixels or percentage of available screen area.
Example 3:
<table border = "2" width = "450" height = "160">
<td>Row 1, Column 1</td>
<td>Row 1, Column 2</td>
<td>Row 2, Column 1</td>
<td>Row 2, Column 2</td>

This HTML code will produce the following result −
Row 1, Column 1 Row 1, Column 2
Row 2, Column 1 Row 2, Column 2

HTML table, border, width, style, center, color, colspan, tag, rowspan, example, tag, css HTML table style, HTML border, width and height - html tutorial

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