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HTML Titles, examples.
There are up to 6 tags in HTML to define titles or sections. All of them as default there are bold text:: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5> and <h6>.
The <h1> tag is the most important and is therefore used to define the headlines of the page. The importance of the rest of the tags is descending, so that the <h6> tag is the one used to delimit the less important sections of the page.
All of them have their respective closing tag, and as in the paragraphs, the title text is enclosed between the opening and closing tags:
<h1> Level 1 title text </h1>
<h2> Level 2 Title Text </h2>
<h6> Level 6 title_text </h6>

Like the paragraphs, these are block labels, so they always start at the beginning of a new line and cause the next element to always be placed at the beginning of a new line.
The text size of the labels is decreasing from the h1 with a larger size to the h6 which is the smaller one.

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