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HTML Tutorial » HTML Image Border

We can improve a web page by adding images to it, but often we want to add borders with different situations as: color, radius, shadow, width, hight.

We can add Image Border in different ways as:
Inline - by using the style attribute in HTML elements
Internal - by using a <style> element in the <head> section
External - by using an external CSS file as style.css

<img src="url" style="border:style width color;">
Note: Best way, use external CSS

HTML Image Border color, width, right - examples

Example 1 HTML Image Border: color, width, right - example

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Image Border color - example</title>
<h1>We add Image Border color - example</h1>
<img style="border:2px solid green;" src="https://www.agernic.com/uploads/landscape_beach.jpg" alt="landscape beach" />
<h2>HTML Image Border width - example</h2>
<img style="border:2px solid green; width:200px" src="https://www.agernic.com/uploads/landscape_beach.jpg" alt="landscape beach" />
<h3>HTML Image Border right - example</h3>
<img style="width:300px; border-right-width: 5px; border-right-style: solid; border-right-color: green;"
src="https://www.agernic.com/uploads/landscape_beach.jpg" alt="landscape beach" />
Note: Image Border radius it is not working for inline style, use internal or external CSS instead.

HTML Image Border radius circle - examples

To get circular image o picture, you have to use the border-radius property, add rounded corners to an image. 50%

Example: add rounded corners to an image. 50%
to get circular image- examples:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Image Border radius circle - examples</title>
</head> <style>
.img1 {
border-radius: 50%;
.img2 {
border-radius: 10%;
<h1>We add Image Border radius circle - example</h1>
<img class="img1" src="https://www.agernic.com/uploads/landscape_beach.jpg" alt="landscape beach" />
<h2>HTML Image Border radius 10% - example</h2>
<img class="img2" src="https://www.agernic.com/uploads/landscape_beach.jpg" alt="landscape beach" />


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