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INSERT is the command to introduce data into database SQL. The most common way to introduce data is taking them from a form appropriate to the structure of the database.

SQL insert into table - how to create? - example

We have two ways inserting data into SQL.
SQL INSERT INTO tool is used to add new rows of data into table from database.
INSERT INTO YOUR_TABLE_NAME (column11, column12, column13,...columnNN)
VALUES (value111, value112, value113,...valueNNN);

The following SQL statement inserts a new record in the "Users" table:

Example 1: One way yo insert data to SQL
$sql = "insert into users (name, surname, username, email, password, gender)
VALUES ('Nick', 'Erichsen', 'nickeri', 'nickeri@example.com', 'admin', 'male')";


Note: The User ID column is mostly an auto-increment field and will be generated automatically when a new record is inserted into the SQL table database.

SQL insert into table - second way - How to create

The SQL INSERT INTO syntax will be as follows −
INSERT INTO users VALUES (value12, value12, value13, ..., valueNN);

Example 2: welcome.php
$sql = "insert into users VALUES ('Nick', 'Erichsen', 'nickeri', 'nickeri@example.com', 'admin', 'male')";

Note:But, be sure the order of the values introduced is in the same order as the columns in your SQL table. 

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