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PHP explode() function, run and write PHP code.

PHP explode() function - online editor.

PHP explode() function is a built in function in PHP. Explode() function is used to split a string in different strings.

array explode(separator, OriginalString, NoOfElements)

Exemple :
explode() function - used to split a string in different strings:

$str = 'monday,thursday,wednesday,tuesday,fridayr';

echo '<pre>';

// zero limit
print "<br>";

// positive limit
print "<br>";

// negative limit
print_r(explode(',',$str,-1)); echo '</pre>';

Exemple :
explode() function - used to split a string in different strings:

// my_string
$my_string = "Hello, How are you today?";
echo '<pre>';
// Without optional parameter NoOfElements
print_r(explode(" ",$my_string));

// with positive NoOfElements
print_r(explode(" ",my_string,3));

// with negative NoOfElements
print_r(explode(" ",$my_string,-1));
echo '</pre>'; ?>

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PHP explode() function

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